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Written on October 6, 2013
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Here is the second part of the tutorial concerning swapping on Numista.
Thanks to the article "How to start a swap" you selected a member with whom you wish to exchange and see now his (her) swap list.

Selection of coins wished for

The swap list appears like this:

To select the coins you wish, check the box before the coin.
Don't forget to read the personal comments by moving the pointer to the icon . Indeed, besides the information concerning the general comments (text in normal writing), certain members write here indications concerning the state or the value of their coins (personal comments = writing in italics).

When your choice is finished, click on on the top of the page.

Creating the swap page

After you selected a coin, a swap page is automatically created. You will find on it all information about the swap such as the messages, the history of the swap and the swapped coins.

Do not forget to send a friendly message to your swap partner to inform him (her) about the swap creation. A message is automatically sent but personal words make the swap more friendly.

Do not validate your swap now! Do it only when both partners agree on the coins to swap.

Intervention of your swap partner

After you created the swap, your partner will:
  • consult your swap list and select the coins which he (she) wants to get on the same way as described above.

  • he (she) will check the coins you chose and he (she) accepts to be part of the swap.

If he (she) doesn't find any interesting coin in your swap list, he (she) will, of course, refuse the swap.

In any case it's recommended to send a message to inform about the evolution of the swap.
All these steps will appear on the swap page.

Negotiating the swap

As long as the swap is not validated, you can do the steps above as many times as you want. It means that you can check/uncheck the coins you want/don't want be part of the swap. You can also add coins from your partner's swap list (by clicking on "Get more coins" at the bottom of the list of your wished coins).

To avoid any problem, don't hesitate to ask for pictures (obverse and reverse) of the high value coins you included in the list. Have also a look on the Numisdoc article "Coin Grades" to estimate the grade of your coins.
When both parts agree about the swap terms, be sure that all coins are checked on the same way on both sides. Otherwise the proposal of the member who validates first will be accepted. When all coins are checked in the same way, one of the partners can accept the swap by clicking on "confirm your swap offer".
The other partner will also confirm the swap.

If you confirm the swap by mistake, your swap partner has to cancel it by clicking on "I don't want to swap" to make a modification possible. When the swap is validated by a partner and accepted by the other one, no modification is possible.

Send your coins

You can now send your coins. Make sure your coins are well packed and no sound is heard when you shake the pack.
Remark : The total weight of the swapped coins is shown at the bottom of each list. It's the sum of all the weights recorded on the pages of the coins you swap. It helps you to calculate the shipping cost.

Update of your collection with the swapped coins

You can update your collection at any time during the swap by clicking on "Edit your collection".
It helps you to:
  • remove the coins you sent.
  • add the coins you got.

Translation of a French article written by 7475laurent