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Written on March 26, 2011 • Last edit: March 25, 2019
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Numismatic resources
Numismatic shops, auction houses and websites
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Numismatic resources

  • Bulletin Numismatique    fr
    Monthly online free numismatic information.
  • Chiefa Coins    en
    Information on the geographical and historical context of world coins and fantasy coins.
  • Commémoratives françaises    fr
    Catalog of non-circulating French commemorative coins before the euro.
  • Don's World Coin Gallery     en
    Pictures of world coins sorted by country and KM reference.
  • InfoNumis    fr
    Pictures and information on modern French coins between 1789 and 2001, including necessity coinage and monnerons.
  • La Collection idéale    fr
    Pictures of the best known example of each French coin since the Revolution.
  • MER - RIC     en fr
    Database of coins of the Roman Empire between 268 and 276.
  • Monnaies et variétés     fr
    Pictures and information on variants of coins of the world.
  • Monnaies liégeoises     fr
    Pictures and information on Liège coinage.
  • Wildwinds     en
    References and pictures of ancient Byzantine, Celtic, Greek and Roman coins.

Numismatic shops, auction houses and websites

  • CGB    en fr de it es cn ru
    Shop et auctions. Ancient coinage and world coins.
  • Joel Anderson    en
    Shop. Non-circulating coins, original shapes, micro-nations, etc.
  • iBelgica    en
    Auction house.
  • Delcampe    en fr nl de it es
    Auction website.
  • eBay    Multilingue
    Auction website.
  • Muenzauktion    de en
    Auction website.

Listings websites