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Written on March 26, 2011 • Last edit: February 6, 2019
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Numismatic resources

  • Don's World Coin Gallery     en
    World coins pictures, sorted by country and KM#.
  • Numismaster    en
    World coins catalog with pricing, by the editor of the Standard Catalogs of World Coins.
  • Chiefa Coins    en
    Information about geography and history of world coins and fantasy coins.
  • The Coin Blog    en
    Blog articles about numismatic news, coin collection and opinions about our hobby.

Auction sites

  • Muenzauktion    de en
    An auction website specialized in coins
  • Delcampe    fr en nl de it es
    An auction websites specialized in collectibles
  • eBay    Multilingual
    The most generalist auction website. You'll find coins, but also numismatic books and furniture.

Numismatic shops

  • CGB    fr en
    Ancient and modern coins. Online shop and mail bid sales.
  • NumisCorner    fr en
    A modern online coin shop offering 100,000 references from antiquity to present.
  • Joel Anderson    en
    Non-circulating coins, unusual shapes, micronation coins, etc.
  • Chard    en
    UK coin and bullion dealer.

Other useful resources

  • Wikipedia    Multilingual
    The collaborative project for a universal and multilingual encyclopedia
  • Google Books    Multilingual
    Library of numeric books