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The Numismatic Collection of the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb, similar in profile to a cabinet, contains over 270,000 examples of metal coins, bank notes, medals, certificates, medallions, badges, orders, tags, and tokens. The Numismatic Library that operates in the scope of the department is also very important.
The basic divisions created corresponding to the inventory include: Greek (autonomous coinage of the Graeco-Roman cities) and Celtic coinage, Roman Republican, Roman Imperial and Byzantine coinage, coinage of the mediaeval and modern periods, and medallions. While none of these sub-divisions perhaps contain rarities on the international level, extremely valuable collections are held of Celtic coins, Graeco-Illyrian coins, individual medallions, and various hoards preserved from all periods.


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By limeni on June 13, 2019

The Numismatic Collection of the Archaeological Museum has its contents closer to the profile of the cabinet. It counts more than 270,000 copies of metal coins, paper banknotes, medals, monuments, plaques, badges, coins, stamps and stamps. The Numismatic Library is also a significant part of the collection.
The basic areas covering the corresponding inventories are: Greek (autonomous coins of Greek-Roman cities) and Celtic money, Roman Republican, Roman imperial and Byzantine coins, Middle and later life coins and medals. Particularly rare, world-wide, it would be difficult to distinguish any of these entities. Nevertheless, one can point out a particularly rich and valuable collection of Celtic money, then Illyrian-Greek money, individual medals and, of course, aggregate finds from all periods.