Big Island Coin & Stamp


They buy and sell rare coins, jewelry, stamps, and paper money from around the world.


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By chandlerfacejr on February 15, 2020

Didn’t go into the store but they don’t even have knowledge of what it’s like to coin roll hunt in Hawaii. But neither did anyone. So sorry life for coin collectors sucks in Hawaii but glad you have stores. “He’s looking for Hawaiian buffalo nickels”
I asked if regular buffalo nickels can be found in circulation here. What a joke.


By Tony E on February 16, 2019

Recommend educating staff on coins. Brought in a WWII nickel that's 35% silver and was told it's not silver. Also recommend on advertising when the buyers for coins and metal is in. Since there not in all the time dont put it 8-5. Also turned down some silver jelwery I brought in. Was told to go to another place since the buyer wasnt in until 11.


By Austin L on September 26, 2019

Super friendly and fast. Went in looking for some hawaiin coins and they had a good selection. The coin store is not really advertised from the street though, its inside the surplus store, go inside and ask to see the coins.


By Pat MoynIhan on March 7, 2023

This place is not even a coin store


By JFRIDA POPE on March 31, 2018

They will buy your coins for the super low sp don't expect above market exchanges. But like I said they will cash you out in most cases. True for me I had a bunch of 50cent piece and stuffs like that