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British Museum

The Department of Coins and Medals is home to one of the world's finest numismatic collections, comprising about one million objects. The collection spans the history of coinage from its origins in the seventh century BC to the present day, and related material such as coin weights, tokens and money boxes.


5/55/55/55/55/5 British Museum - December 2015

By simoneo80 on March 25, 2016

Free museum and without any kind of line at the entrance.
There are specimens of all kinds and of almost all civilizations.
Inside there is also a gift shop, where you can buy many books on coinage and history of different eras.
Here we find interesting coins from all periods, with very interesting historical details.
Naturally I have spent time in the area dedicated to the Sasanian period and partly also to the Achaemenid, but they were very interesting also the other dedicated areas such as the Chinese empire, Arabic, Greek and Roman.