Diamond State Coins & Currency


They specialise in US graded and ungraded coins and currency.


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By Sarah Swish79 on September 20, 2022

This is by far the best place to go in the whole state. I will drive up from Rehoboth just to come here. Kevin is the nicest and most professional man I have ever dealt with. The other gentlemen is also extremely friendly and professional. They are always courteous and give the best prices. I highly recommend coming here if you have coins or anything that you want to part with. Also, Kevin went out of his way to say a few nice words to me when I felt bad parting with something. Excellent service!!


By Albert Ianieri on December 10, 2022

I was there 12 / 9 , and sold some coins . They were very knowledgeable and friendly and fair . I was very satisfied and will definitely go back !!!


By Mike Howe on September 7, 2022

Never have I experienced worst customer service than I did just now. Every other time I was there I had great service from Kevin. This time the guy was condescending and rude. I wouldn’t recommend at all. Very disappointing!


By Carol Rosiak on March 3, 2022

My Dad passed away recently and he had a coin collection/loose coins. Kevin was very nice and helpful. He discussed the coins that were valuable as well as the coins that were basically face value. We think that he was very fair with what he gave us. We would definitely go back there again if the need arises.


By John Heaton on May 4, 2022

I just wanted to tell anyone looking to get information about gold or silver, or perhaps to sell either of those precious metals, look no further. I have been doing business for over 4 years. I know this because I just looked for my older post and it went back 4 years but I didn’t see mine. No biggie. Anyway, I am usually getting rid of U.S. silver coins pre 1964. In the past couple of weeks I have made a few visits. Each time was perfect. You won’t find a more honest place to go. They are friendly and helpful. I can’t say enough good things about this business. It’s easy to see for yourself, call and set an appointment. You’ll be glad you did.