Dubai Coins Museum

The museum is located at Al Fahidi historical district, near the court of His Highness the Ruler, and along Al Seef street in the Big Souk (Market) in Bur Dubai.

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The museum has seven main rooms. The first one is for the museum management. The second exhibits information about the money history. The third has 16 pieces of Sasanid Arabized Dirham’s dwelled during the reign of Rashidun Khilafat and Umayyad Khilafat. The fourth has 64 pieces of Dinars and Dirhams belong to the Umayyad Khilafat starting from the reign of the Khalifah Abdul Malik bin Marwan until the fall of Khilafat in 132 Hijri at the end of its last Khalifah Marwan bin Mohammad.

The fifth room displays 115 pieces from the Abbasid Khilafat, starting from the reign of the Khalifah Abu Al Abbas As-Saffah the founder of the Abbasid Khilafat and to the fall of the Khilafat in the reign of its last Khalifah Al Mu'tasim Bellah.

The sixth room has 45 pieces of Egypt, Levant and Turkey money, from the reigns of Tulunids, Ikhshihidids, Fatimids, Mamluks and Ottoman Khilafat.
The room also has 91 pieces of coins from Iraq and Muslim Mashriq, in addition to money that goes back to states of Buyids, Samanids, Seljuqs and Saffarids.

The seventh room encompasses 22 pieces of North Africa and Al Andalus money, including coins from Ummayad state, Aghlabid and Zirids.

The eighth room has 102 pieces form the Arabian Peninsula and the United Arab Emirates, including the Rasi, Ziadi, Salihi, Zarei, Rasoli states, as well as other coins currently used in the region.



5/55/55/55/55/5 Nice museum

By omarove on September 11, 2015

It's a very interesting place and gives valuable information about pretty old Islamic coins.