Emporium Hamburg Auctions 102 & 103



Monday, 8th May 2023 (13:00–20:00)
Tuesday, 9th May 2023 (08:30–20:00)
Wednesday, 10th May 2023 (08:30–20:00)
Thursday, 11th May 2023 (08:30–20:00)


Emporium Hamburg will hold an exciting auction from 8th May 2023 to 11th May 2023 in the hall of the Störtebekerhaus and also online, giving bidders the flexibility to participate from anywhere.
The auction will feature coins and banknotes from different regions, including English coins, Bolivia and Peru, Imperial gold and silver, and ancient coins. This variety is sure to attract a diverse range of bidders with different interests and preferences.
The catalogue for the auction will be dispatched from 3rd April 2023, giving bidders plenty of time to review the items and decide on their bids. Additionally, the auction will also be available on Auctionmobility, making it easier for people to participate online. Link coming soon!
Overall, the auction at Emporium Hamburg seems like an excellent opportunity for coin and banknote collectors to acquire unique items and expand their collections.

Session Schedule – Auctions 102 & 103
• Monday, May 08, 2023, starting at 01:00 PM : lots 1–514 Greek Coins, Oriental Coins, Roman Coins
• Tuesday, May 09, 2023, starting at 8:30 AM: lots 515–1526 Byzantine Coins, Natural Money, World Coins (until Turkey)
• Wednesday, November 10, 2023, starting at 8:30 AM: lots 1527–2560 World Coins (from Ukraine), Medals, Middle Ages, German States, German Coins 1800-1871, German Empire Silver (until Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach)
• Thursday, November 17, 2022, starting at 8:30 AM: lots 2561–2973 German Empire Silver (from Schaumburg-Lippe), German Empire Gold, Weimar Republic, Third Reich, Dependencies, FRG, GDR, Trials & Varia
• Thursday, November 17, 2022, starting at 01:30 PM: lots 4000–4526 World Paper Money, German States, Germany since 1871, Emergency Money, Historical Stocks, Documents

Auctioneer: Achim Becker
Representatives: Dr. Josef Fischer

Written bids and email/fax as well as phone bids must be received by May 05, 2023. Bids received at a later point in time will only be accepted with reservation. Auction lots may be viewed at the Emporium Hamburg office from April 03 until May 05, 2023, by prior appointment.
For those who are new to bidding in auctions, the link provided gives information on "How do I bid?", which can be helpful in understanding the process and making informed decisions:
Good luck with your bidding!


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