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Golden eagle coins has been serving the collector since opening its doors back in 1974 and since them its been a family run business where any sort of collector can buy virtually anything there.


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By DC Silver on September 3, 2022

Very frustrating that company does not update hours on Google when they close for a holiday weekend Saturday. I drove an hour to get here. No message on the phone system indicating closure. Hours for holiday are incorrect on the website and in Google. I will be glad to update this review if staff will resolve this issue for future. Happened also July 4 weekend. I spoke to the staff and they clearly did not take the feedback to heart. I spend thousands a year here and still consider myself a loyal customer. As a business owner myself, I know it takes five seconds to update your hours in Google and it's really unthoughtful not to do it.


By Dave Collins on November 11, 2022

Placed an order on October 19th. Paid with a check. I understand they hold the order for two weeks while check processes. Check processed on 10/26. They shipped as planned on 11/8 and received via Fedex on 11/11 with signature required. Thanks!


By Charles Hatch on August 19, 2022

Excellent experience! Great seller with well priced and exceptional quality coins and metals. I'll be purchasing more in the future because of their great customer service and value.


By Ronnie Barnette on July 22, 2022

very slow shipping. add states 1-2 day shipping if paying by wire. (order was placed on 8th of month and received on 22nd) fast, was the main reason i bought from this seller. prices were competitive. communication was average


By Kyle Parker on October 23, 2022

You have asked me for a follow up survey on my order. My order was placed over two weeks ago and was scheduled to ship over a week ago. I sent a respectful inquiry email to your customer service several days ago asking when my order would ship and have not received a response. It is a little ironic and disappointing that you are now asking for my feedback on the order you have not fulfilled.