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US and foreign coins and paper money.

I've associated and transacted with Richard for many years. Like all of us, he has to make a living, but his most important aspects are that he is honest and that he doesn't lie, cheat nor steal. Bob Butler /


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By igot Coins on March 2, 2023

Best inventory, and service in the area whether shopping online, in store, or at the coin shows i always leave feeling my money was well spent! Thank you Richard & Team


By Randall Mackey on August 23, 2022

I recently came into possession of a coin collection and found Integrity Coin via Google. I had no idea this shop was in my area and I am glad I found it. The owner has been very helpful in assisting me in disposing of some of my collection. I like stopping by every now and then just to see their inventory. This is the best coin shop in the area. Keep in mind that this is a business--it is not a museum and it is not just a place for the owner to display his collection.


By Squeezing Ape on March 24, 2022

Went in, and the cocky Navy guy with the dentures seemed unhappy he even owned the place. He argued with customers about taxing the coins. I must've heard the locals joke about it being called "Integrity Coin" and after his offer on my coins I'd have to agree. I'll be listing them on Ebay before letting him rip me off


By OBX Koastie on April 21, 2021

I went to the Integrity Coin Shop as I had a lot of coins that my brother had collected over his too short a lifetime. They came into my possession and I had no idea what they were worth. So I read the online reviews and decided on Integrity. Richard and Julie met me at the door and as I had already explained what I had over the phone Richard went right to work looking over the coins. Turns out what my brother had been "collecting" hoping that the prices for silver and copper would go up were just coins with no collector value. Richard (retired Navy Master Chief) told me what the coins were worth and I felt it was a fair offer.

I returned three days later with some lapel medallions my former company threw away. I grabbed them from a dumpster and have held them for over thirty years knowing they were sterling silver. Richard looked them over, agreed they were sterling after chemically testing, and offered the going price for sterling silver.

In both instances I believe I was treated fairly and was given a good price for some coins that were worth only scrap silver and copper value and some sterling pins.

I cannot recommend Integrity Coin Shop and Richard (and his new employee Julie) highly enough. The fact he is a veteran is like icing on the cake!


By Amber Oberlander on December 14, 2021

Just like many others who have left bad reviews for this shop this place is a rip off and it was one of the worse experiences I’ve had. Brought a bag full of old and foreign coins I wanted to sell hoping I pay some bills off but I was offered $5 for all of them!!! One of the coins was an 1885 nickel he said was only worth $2. Ended up sending pictures of it to Mint State Coin & Currency in Yorktown for their opinion. They estimated the nickel around $110-165 even with the quality of the pictures not being that great. I sold this coin for $225!!! Save yourself a trip and avoid getting ripped off.