Japan Mint shop


The shop is located just outside of the Mint Museum in Osaka.


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By 南形浩 on July 24, 2022

It is a shop that sells commemorative coins, etc. in the Japan Mint. It seems that you can enter some corners from the sidewalk outside without entering the mint.


By Fiona Aki on December 21, 2019

Compared with souvenir shops, it will feel a little boring and less, but in fact, will it be only these things that can be sold? After all, this is the Mint, which is more attractive for people who collect ancient coins?
The photo was taken at the gate, not the souvenir shop.


By U1 on December 4, 2022

Now we are open a little east due to renovation work.


By 阪中庸子 on March 30, 2022

If you go to the Mining Bureau, please take a look at the shop.
It was interesting!
The cherry blossoms in front of the shop 🌸 are also beautiful.


By 竹田浩二 on June 16, 2019

I go a few times a year, but I do not get bored too much because I have regular business events.