National Museum

A collection of 300.000 coins, medals and seals from antique to modern times.

Significant and numerous collections of the Department of Numismatics of the National Museum in Belgrade include monetary material, from the period of antiquity through the Middle Ages to the new age. Their processing and publication is partly realized within long-term scientific projects, which include associates of the Department and experts of related institutions.

The project of Roman money depository in the time of the Principate, through the topography and horizons of money storing, often the only historical source, follows the development of the money economy in the central Balkans, from its inclusion in the unified military-political and administrative system of the Roman Empire to the 3rd century.

The project of the Mint of the Central Balkans in Ancient Times, based on material from the fund of the National Museum in Belgrade and European collections, explores the mints that supplied the Balkan area, especially the area of today's Serbia, with money during Roman domination. Through several topics in the context of historical events, it deals with the organization and work of the mints in Viminacium and the mint in Stobi.

The money of the Serbian despotate is a project that deals with despotic mints represented in the museum funds of the National Museum in Belgrade and the Nemzeti Museum in Budapest. Through numerous monetary issues, these mints reflect the last phase of the development of the monetary system of medieval Serbia, its reform and renewal until the loss of statehood in 1459.


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By Dejan on May 27, 2020

Collection worth seeing if you're in the city!