Numismatic collection of the National Historic Museum

Rio de Janeiro

The numismatic collection of the National History Museum is the largest in its kind in Latin America and one of the most important in the world, distributed in various collections: coins, printed values, medals, honorary orders, philately and sigillography.


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By Eric Hamm on August 15, 2022

Great museum, explaining the evolution of Brazil. Many artifacts and paintings from the imperial times of government. No cost for entry.


By Christopher Suttenfield on May 14, 2017

This place is enormous, and well worth checking out. It's housed in a beautiful old building with an interior courtyard, there are multiple levels. You will need at least two hours to thoroughly explore the entire place because it's huge. The only thing that I would have liked is a better focus on the indigenous history of Brazil.


By gkaylor1 on October 14, 2018

A very informative and beautiful nationalistic collection. I learned a great deal about the history of Brazil here, and took a few great keepsake photos. I especially liked the carriage collection and the painting of the whales in the bay.


By Simon G on February 26, 2019

Great exhibits that include a lot of information in Portuguese and English. 10 R entrance Feb 2019, free on Sunday and possibly on Tuesday, closed on Monday. This represents great value as an activity in the city.


By Salvador Menjivar on February 8, 2019

A fantastic collection of exhibits including one of the best and most varied collection of textile, basketry work, potterry and weapons of many tribes in Brasil plus the usual paintings and european paraphernalea. Definitely worth a visit.