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The Chinese Coin Gallery of the Shanghai Museum exhibits an impressive collection of Chinese coins from all ages: cowries, spade coins, sword coins, knife coins, cash coins from all dynasties and a few modern coins. Visitors can also view banknotes, casting tools and an interesting set of coins from the silk road.


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By tusrau on March 8, 2021


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By Natalia Jofre on August 14, 2021

🎭Art & Culture: Beautiful collection of traditional and modern Chinese art and culture. The Shanghai museum is a perfectly preserved capsule of the decades and centuries. The museum is free to enter.
There is a paid audio guide that is well worth using. The diverse historical lineage of Chinese tradition is explained extremely well with the voice guide, in your language of choice.

The use of different media and historical symbolism of this nation’s artwork, is much deeper than face value.
If you enjoy historical museums, this is one to add to your list!
The museum was also not terribly crowded which made for a deeply personal experience.


By Rajendra Sanjelchhetri on October 3, 2022

Big pot shaped building just at the side of famous Peoples Square of Shanghai had enormous collections depicting Chinese history. The building architect was inspired by the priceless big circular tripod pot with two ears bronze vessels called Da Ke Ding from Zhou dynasty (1046-771 BC). Inside of the building looked glistening with granites, marbles & art works. A lot of rooms were exhibiting various periods of Chinese cultures & arts. Basically, it was a modern world class museum in ancient style building showing historical priceless Chinese cultural relics.


By Mahsa Mkhani on December 24, 2022

This museum gathers traditional and modern Chinese art and culture. The rare cultural pieces are from different decades and centuries. You will not have to pay for entrance. But if you will you can pay for an audio guide for your visit.

Inside the building, the combination use of granite, marble and artwork is really inspiring. The museum has a collection of over 120,000 pieces. It has 11 galleries and 3 special temporary exhibition halls. It took me 3 hours to visit. Hopefully, it was not crowded.


By Marsha Dwizashista on November 17, 2022

I came here for a visit from campus. I got a lot point of view and insighrfull when it comes to this museum, especially for making advertisements and promotions


By Anonymous on September 22, 2022

Must see in Shanghai. 5 story building with a rich historical collection of chines' art.
Galleries include Chinese bronze age, sculptures, ceramic artworks, paintings, calligraphy, seals, furniture, and coins.
They could store my suitcase here for me which was great as I was travelling through here.