Smithsonian Museum of American History


This museum hosts two exhibits from the National Numismatic Collection:

The Value of Money (

Stories on Money (


5/55/55/55/55/5 Must-see for coin enthusiasts

By cessna209 on March 16, 2020

If you're a coin collector and happen to be living in or visiting D.C., the money gallery at the Smithsonian American History Museum is as must-see. The collection includes, among others, the 1974 aluminum Lincoln cent, as well as multiple St. Gaudens gold coins.

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By M J on June 23, 2022

This was my favorite museum I've seen so far of the Smithsonian Museums in DC. Expect to spend 2 1/2-4 hours here. Note: The Museum is free but parking is EXTREMELY limited since it is near the National Mall and next door to the Museum of Natural History (I recommend visiting both of these in the same day if you can). There is no parking garage and while there is street parking, it is VERY, VERY limited and it is only allowed for 2 hours (not enough time to see everything). Use public transportation if possible. Ok- so we visited 6/2022 and the famous Wizard of Oz Ruby Red slippers are not currently on display BUT THERE IS SO MUCH ELSE TO SEE. The ACTUAL Flag that inspired Francis Scott Key to write "The Star Spangled Banner" is on display. The actual hat President Lincoln wore to the Ford's Theater the night he was assassinated was on display. The Presidential Ladies Fashion exhibit was my favorite- it is a 100+ year tradition for a First Lady to donate one of her gowns to the Smithsonian Museum. The American Red Cross Ambulance was really neat. The actual counter and chairs from Woolworth's Diner from the Greensboro Civil Rights Sit-In is on display. The Currency exhibit is exceptional. It was fun to see Julia Child's Kitchen. The Transportation Through the Ages exhibit has a lot of amazing vehicles of all kinds, and plenty of trains for my "Sheldon-like" train-loving husband. There are lots of interactive exhibits for kids and teens. I highly recommend this museum.


By Frenite on April 18, 2022

Incredible museum that features nearly all facets that encompasses American history. There is so much to see and explore that you can’t even do it all in a single day. This museum includes the history of mechanical devises, food culture, transportation history, pop culture, presidential history, and so much more. This museum really has it all. Since it is owned by the Smithsonian, admission is at no charge! It is very clean, accessible, well maintained, and certainly informative and educational for people of all ages. This is a museum that everyone should experience in their lifetime and I would fully recommend going here.


By Leslie Tum on August 8, 2022

If I had to pick between the Natural History museum and the American History museum I would pick the American History museum! So much beauty there. Being able to see Lincoln’s hat, The HUGE flag, a great variety of the 1st ladies inauguration dresses, the White House plates, technology through the years, innovations, war history. The list could go on and on! It was all so amazing! The kids loved the interactive area where they could stand in front of the screen and the screen would dress them and then dancing and stuff moves on the screen. We didn’t do the VR things as we didn’t want to spend money for 6 kids. My kids all said they loved the American History museum over the Natural History Museum.


By Gen Bowerbank on June 5, 2022

This museum had pretty fun things to see, but my kids walked through it very quickly.. It doesn't have very many interactive exhibits, and they only last so long looking only. We loved seeing Lincoln's hat, although it is very faded. Sadly the ruby slippers have lost their luster as well. I loved seeing part of the Berlin wall. The transportation part was very cool as well.


By Klau Pao on April 18, 2022

This museum is one of the greatest Smithsonian museums! It has some of the most historical artifacts such as the Greensboro 4 Woolworth counter and so much more. But, we didn't get to see Lincoln's top hat, some parts were under construction but I still loved the museum. Remember you need plenty of time for there is much to see and read.