Steinmetz Coins & Currency (Lancaster store)


Since its inception in 1974, Steinmetz Coins & Currency has become one of the nation's leading numismatic companies with sales exceeding $200 million.

Steinmetz Coins & Currency specializes in servicing client portfolios by providing numismatic expertise and assistance with market timing. In 2006 Steinmetz Coins & Currency founded our York, PA location to concentrate on ensuring the best possible experience for our retail customers.

Open Wednesday until 12 by appointment only


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By Jack4nd1 on December 10, 2022

Never in all my all years of visiting coin shops have I seen a location as messy and poorly run as this one. There are books of coins untidily stacked up, and there is garbage and empty boxes everywhere.
There was no counter space to review the bullion I was selling. They had to count and weigh the bullion by placing it ON TOP of the garbage on the counter. They didn’t even take a moment to move stuff aside to create an open space to conduct business. Never have a seen a coin store with such a complete failure to maintain basic optics. It looks like an episode from that tv show, Hoarders.
Seriously, the place looks like a small breeze will completely tip over everything.
And the owner is rude. He was trying to send me away and didn’t answer any of my basic questions about a couple of bullion numismatic coins I was looking for.
Unpleasant and undeserving of any future business from me.
I only agreed to complete the transaction because at least they offer $1 over spot.


By Cory Jones on December 27, 2022

Just was completely treated with no respect I couldn’t tell if it was his personality or him being disrespectful I would of been happy with the price he gave me but the attitude and sheer disrespect he was giving made me not want to go through with the transaction. The women there was very nice but the man was completely rude.


By Dean Eitnier on July 23, 2022

I've known about Steinmetz Coins for years but today was the first time I actually went into their store. It was a little tricky finding the place but once I was there I was treated well and the gentleman tried to do everything he could to help me. I appreciate the gentleman's help and the fact that Michael Steinmetz got on the phone from their other store to help as well.


By MICAH McCoubrey on February 7, 2022

Hands down THE BEST dealer for probably 100 miles around. Competitive prices and super friendly and knowledgeable staff. I drive an hour to come here and I’ll keep coming back! I love this place! For small or large purchases THIS is my first pick


By Dale Kling on February 14, 2022

Good place to sell your gold and silver jewelry . Large inventory of coins and currency . Friendly and knowledgable employees . Sell or get collections appraised.