Steinmetz Coins & Currency (York store)


Since its inception in 1974, Steinmetz Coins & Currency has become one of the nation's leading numismatic companies with sales exceeding $200 million.

Steinmetz Coins & Currency specializes in servicing client portfolios by providing numismatic expertise and assistance with market timing. In 2006 Steinmetz Coins & Currency founded our York, PA location to concentrate on ensuring the best possible experience for our retail customers.


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By Scott Rottler on December 17, 2022

After work, every once in awhile I’ll wander on in for a silver Eagle. I’d really like to share my last experience here (because it’s GOOD!)

On my last visit an Elderly women stopped me as I was getting out of my car and said “I don’t know about this place, do you think they will rip me off?” She proceeds to show me her coins in the parking lot(an Eisenhower and some other silver coins all in average circulated condition). Gave her an estimate that I would give my own Mom of $30. Assured her this place is the best and so we walk in together.

She lays her coins on the counter and the owner carefully inspects each one. Taking the time to explain what makes them valuable and then finally makes her an offer. She ended up getting $7 more dollars than I estimated!

We walk out together. She was happy to get a great deal, and I was happy to add another silver Eagle to the stack for a great price 😎

This is the BEST place to buy or sell coins and silver.


By J.A. Dowell on September 26, 2022

Great place! First time at this shop and the staff was very friendly and the gentleman there was helpful and knowledgeable. Will be returning here again!


By R on April 11, 2022

I absolutely love Steinmetz Coins! Top of the food chain customer service, fast mail delivery and aggressively competitive prices. I couldn't be happier with my experiences with them. I look forward to doing more business with them soon and regularly.


By baby-boomer Deb on June 29, 2022

Best Service Best Prices- they always answer all my questions. Im a new "stacker" and they steer me right. They always BEAT any On Line Price for things Im interested in. I would buy here 1st- before anywhere else


By Catman Doo on January 21, 2022

A BUSY PLACE! VERY GOOD SELECTION! VERY GOOD PRICES I took the advice of a family friend, who happens to collect silver, gold, & coins, to come here. I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED!!
I have been to a few other places in the area like this, and, dont get me wrong; they're not bad. I even gave a good review on one of them. Steinmetz however, has become my favorite!! PLUS, you can get online, and check out some of what they have, pricing, etc.
They offer a VAST SELECTION OF ITEMS TO CHOOSE FROM! They're also very knowledgeable on what they sell, and offer good, sound advice. They're not out to make a quick buck; and I feel that they would rather help you to make the purchase that's best for you, not what's most profitable for them. They have become my "go to" store, and most likely, they will continue to be!