Williamsburg Coins and Stamps

Williamsburg, VA

He sells coins (mostly US), stamps and various memorabilia


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By Stephen Ricks on August 22, 2023

Fun shop! Traded cash and silver coins up to a fractional gold eagle. He's more interested in coin than bullion but that's ok, lots of fun items!!!


By Mike Stoltzfus on August 7, 2018

The gentleman who helped us was very kind and knowledgeable, answered all our questions and showed us some rare and interesting pieces from his collection! His prices were fair and he has a LOT of collectibles! A great find for my son as he looked to complete parts of his coin collection!


By Tim Lupo on August 18, 2019

Nice guy running store, sold one graded coin, negotiation on other coins would be extremely difficult because he has a serious hearing deficit and I hate shouting at people. Will probably not go back, unfortunately. He seems to be interested in real old stuff, even 60 year old pennies are too new.


By Knight Smith on September 4, 2019

The owener guy is very helpful & knowledgeable & always has interesting coins, stamps and a lot other collectables . he has always helped me out in any way he can good man, good business !


By Coley Bell on June 30, 2022

Do u guys sell or trade sports cards