World Money Show



Sunday, 17th April 2022 (09:00–16:00)
Sunday, 15th May 2022 (09:00–16:00)
Sunday, 19th June 2022 (09:00–16:00)
Sunday, 18th September 2022 (09:00–16:00)
Sunday, 16th October 2022 (09:00–16:00)
Sunday, 20th November 2022 (09:00–16:00)
Sunday, 18th December 2022 (09:00–16:00)


Founded in 1968, the Clifton World Money Show, held in the Clifton Recreation Center in Clifton, NJ is an open, free event at which paper money, coin, stamp and postcard collectors get together to buy, sell and trade their collections.

The Clifton World Money Show takes place from January to December on the third Sunday of the month.


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