Release notes

This page lists the updates of the Numista software. Changes in the content (catalog, forum, Numisdoc, outings) are not listed here. You may see the list of coins recently added to the catalog here.

12 Jan 2021, 22:40
Completely hide unpublished catalogue pages (link) — Minor feature or adjustment
12 Jan 2021, 22:33
Sort displayed sales and adjust date and currency auto-fill (link) — Minor feature or adjustment
11 Jan 2021, 22:19
Show past auction results for coins and banknotes in the catalogue. Allow users to register a past auction. (link, link) — New feature
5 Jan 2021, 17:30
Fix list of swappers (link) — Bug fix
4 Jan 2021, 23:02
Prevent indexing of unpublished or rejected pages of the catalogue by search engines (link) — Minor feature or adjustment
4 Jan 2021, 11:02
Various fixes — Technical change

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