Who are we?


Xavier Rogé is the founder of Numista. He is in charge of the overall administration of the catalog and the website, of the partnerships, and of the technical evolutions and maintenance of the website.

Catalog administrators

Catalog administrators manage the content of the numismatic catalog. They contribute to improving the catalog, they manage the structure of the catalog, and they coordinate and assist the referees.

Master referees

Master referees are volunteers who commit their time and knowledge to coordinate the improvements to the catalog, with a larger scope than referees. Their role includes enriching the catalog, reviewing user contributions, and assisting referees.

Forum moderators

Forum moderators are volunteers who oversee the discussion forum. They ensure that the forum stays organised, spam-free, kind, and peaceful, by enforcing the forum policy.

Outings administrator

The outing administrator is a volunteer in charge of enriching and reviewing the directory of numismatic places and the agenda of numismatic events.


The developer is in charge of building new functionalities for the Numista website, enhancing existing functionalities and fixing bugs.

Catalog referees

Referees are volunteers who commit their time and knowledge to coordinate the improvements to the catalog for specific issuers or groups of issuers. They review the changes in the catalog for the issuers in their scope and they improve the catalog by adding missing information and enforcing consistency to the catalog guidelines.

Countries and territories

Ancient and early medieval polities


Modern states with limited recognition

Fantasy places

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Former team members

Former catalog referees