Can I reuse pictures from the Numista catalogue for a book, a magazine, a website, etc.?

Last update: 19 May 2022

The catalogue of Numista contains pictures coming from multiple sources. Before reusing a picture for your project (book, magazine article, blog post, etc.), please contact the owner of the picture directly. The source of the picture is usually mentioned below the picture.


The owner of the picture may be a user of Numista, as in the example below. You can contact them by sending a private message on Numista.



The owner may also be a partner website, from which we received a permission to reuse their pictures on Numista. In that case, the source is clickable and links to the partner website, where you can find contact details.


In some cases, the images are published under a known licence. You may reused these images without contacting the owner, provided you comply with the indicated license. If your intended usage is not allowed by the license, you should contact the owner to get specific permission.