Forum policy

Last update: 8 April 2023

Basic rules

The Numista forum is a place for members to discuss and exchange together. To maintain a friendly atmosphere and a quality of discussions, please read this policy before using the forum:

  1. Respect the members of the site by avoiding derogatory and upsetting messages, as well as non-constructive criticism. Be polite and courteous. Words like “hello” and “thank you” are highly welcome.
  2. Put specific titles. Avoid titles like “Help!” or titles that do not indicate the nature of the topic.
  3. Use a short title: do not include the content of your message in the title.
  4. Do not overuse capital letters, bold or any other layout which would make reading the forum harder.
  5. Without having to consider the forum as a literary corner, please do not write in SMS language, and avoid errors in English, which could affect the understanding of messages and the quality of the forum.
  6. Do not discuss your problems with other members via the forum.
  7. To respect the privacy of everyone, it is forbidden to disclose information or data that can identify a member; this includes, but is not limited to, the address of an individual, the name of another member, or the email of a member.
  8. Messages aiming at stating political or religious views or controversial historic interpretations are not authorized.
  9. Pornographic or erotic messages and pictures are not authorized.
  10. Purely commercial messages are not authorized.
  11. Sales or inducements to sell are prohibited. Promoting or indicating sales or purchases through forum signatures or member profile descriptions is also not permitted. One link redirecting to the personal profile of a member on an external selling platform is tolerated on the member's profile page through the dedicated field “Personal website”.
  12. The forum is divided into several sections. Please use the correct section according to the content of your post. A message posted in the wrong category will be moved by a moderator.


Posts and discussions must also comply with the Terms of Use of Numista.

Posts which do not respect these rules may be amended or deleted by a moderator without notice.

Moderators may also act to ban a member from forum discussion based on the breach or repeated breaches of forum policy. In such a case, the concerned member may be informed by a message about the reason and the duration of the ban.

Identification and valuation request guidelines

The Numista forum has a section dedicated to requests for identifications and valuations through which any member can ask for help from other members of the site.


In order to facilitate requests and maintain a certain order within this section of the forum, any request for identification or valuation must respect the following directives:


  1. Requests for identifications or valuations must be published on the dedicated forum “Coin identifications and valuations”, “Banknote identifications and valuations” or “Exonumia identifications and valuations”.
  2. Each request should be done through a new thread.
  3. Put an explicit title like “Ancient Coin - Roman?”, “Elizabeth silver coin”, etc. Do not use generic terms such as “Help!”, “Coin”, “Identification”, etc.
  4. In the content of your message, describe the subject and include any information you have:
    • Specify the weight, the dimensions and, if known, the composition.
    • Indicate what you can read in the item.
    • Describe the drawing as well as any information that might be helpful.
  5. Attach a clear photo of sufficient size of each side of the item.


When an identification is obtained, click on the “Solved” button at the top of the thread. Then click on the “Edit” icon (icon with a pencil) of your original message to modify the title with the identification obtained. Again, keep a brief title such as “Roman Denarius Hadrian and Libertas”, “5 pounds UK 1996”, etc.