I noticed a mint is missing from the Numista database: can it be added?

Last update: 12 June 2023

Numista hosts one of the most comprehensive lists of mints available, covering everything from ancient workshops, to modern private production facilities. Currently, there are more than 3000 entries, but many are still to be added.


If you've noticed a missing mint from our database, please  open a new topic on the Coin catalogue forum section:

  • Use a clear subject: “New mint: Mint Name”.
  • Give some sources that document the existence of this mint. Ideally printed catalogues, scans, or several reputable online sources.
  • Add as much information about the mint as possible:
    • Name (in English, French, Spanish and the local language)
    • Location and country (in English, French, Spanish and the local language)
    • The modern-day location, if it is different from the ancient location of the mint
    • GPS latitude and longitude coordinates. Here is a simple online tool that can help you get the numeric values of the coordinates.
    • Operation dates. Dates may include breaks, in which case indicate the dates by intervals. For example: 850-950, 1280-1628.
    • Official website for modern mints
    • Nomisma ID
    • Wikidata Q identifier
    • A short description (in English, French and Spanish)
    • Mintmarks used by the mint as black and white images 200 ⨯ 200 pixels. 
  • Mark the message for “requesting the creation or the modification of a mint”.


It is not required to provide all the information above. However, complete requests can be verified and added to the database quicker by the catalogue admins.

Requests containing only a simple city or country name will not be reviewed and will be rejected.