What are the criteria to accept a replacement of a photo?

Last update: 24 May 2022

Pictures of coins, banknotes, and pieces of exonumia are an essential part of the catalogue. Contributors are welcome to add pictures for pages which are missing pictures. They are also welcome to provide better pictures to replace current pictures.


When judging whether a picture is better than another, the following criteria are considered, from the most important to the least important:

  1. The picture is a photograph or a scan, rather than a drawing or a computer-generated image.
  2. The picture shows clearer details.
    The level of details is influenced by several factors, including (in no particular order) the grade of the coin, banknote, or piece of exonumia, the focus and the lighting of the photograph, the resolution and the compression of the image, and the absence of plastic holder reflections.
  3. The picture represents the coin, banknote, or piece of exonumia in a more truthful and extensive manner.
    The picture should show the true colours of the coin, banknote, or piece of exonumia. Avoid filters, exposure modifications, contrast modifications, or other modifications of the picture which don't reflect the reality of the original coin, banknote, or piece of exonumia. The rim should not be obstructed by a plastic holder. Prefer well-centered strikes. The coin, banknote, or piece of exonumia should be oriented parallel to the photographic plane.
  4. The picture has a better eye-appeal.
    For example, avoid weak strikes, distracting toning, dirt, etc.
  5. The picture has no watermark.
  6. The picture is from a Numista user rather than from a third-party source.


Note that pictures should also be tightly-cropped, with a white background, and rotated upright.