What are the mandatory requirements for submitting a new item?

The only mandatory field for submitting a new page is the title. Exonumia pages additionally require a type. However, this is not enough and new page submissions should be as complete as possible. Ideally, all relevant fields should be filled in. 


The minimal requirements a referee should expect for a new page submission are:


  • Title 
  • Issuing authority (country, city, etc) 
  • Type
  • Descriptions and lettering. Inscriptions in inaccessible scripts for the contributor may be skipped.
  • Images. If images are not available, descriptions and letterings shall be complete.
  • At least one date-line.



If the contributor owns the item, the physical properties should also be added: dimensions, weight, magnetism, type of edge, orientation, watermarks, etc. These are important pieces of information that are often not listed in reference catalogues. 


For coins, banknotes, and tokens the face value, the currency and the ruling authority are necessary information for correct sorting in the Numista catalogue.


If one of these pieces of information still cannot be provided, contributors are encouraged to ask for support on the forum


Whenever possible, at least one catalogue number should be provided in the “References” field. Additionally, referees appreciate precise directions for verifying the submissions: page numbers in catalogues, or reputable online resources that can be cross-verified.