What happens if a referee has an inappropriate behaviour?

Last update: 18 March 2022

Referees volunteer to hold a position of authority on Numista. Any purposeful malfeasance or abuse of this position through any means, including but not limited to manipulating, forging, or withholding information from the catalogue, for personal gain, for the illicit profit of a third party, or for any other reason, will result in the immediate discharge and permanent ban on all future roles in Numista.


Referees are expected to have a cordial attitude, be professional, and demonstrate impeccable ethical conduct, not only while performing their duties but also in private messages, on the forum, and during exchanges. Misconduct may result in temporary or permanent suspensions or bans.


The catalogue admins will also consider suspending a referee who systematically fails to follow the Numista guidelines. In this situation, referees will be formally notified prior to their suspension to discuss a solution.