What happens if a referee is inactive?

Last update: 18 March 2022

The Numista community generally expects referees to be active regularly and check requests within a week. Recurring periods of inactivity can overload co-referees and other master referees, cause frustration in the community, and discourage contributors. 


If referees are experiencing growing difficulties keeping up with their duties, they are strongly encouraged to contact one of the catalogue admins to ask for help and discuss a strategy to tackle their backlog, reduce their portfolio, or take a break.


The catalogue admins will consider suspending an inactive referee in the following situations:

  • If more than one month has passed since the last access to Numista
  • If pending requests are more than one month old and no requests have been processed within the past two weeks


The catalogue admins will also consider suspending a referee in the following situations:

  • Failure to regularly improve the catalogue and implement database updates as they occur (for instance, the addition of new fields)
  • Failure to respond to the surveys and communications
  • Failure to deal with forum requests that are related to their portfolio


Referees will be formally notified prior to their suspension and given a chance to discuss a solution