Denier - William I de la Roche Thebes mint

Denier - William I de la Roche (Thebes mint) -  obverseDenier - William I de la Roche (Thebes mint) -  reverse

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Country Duchy of Athens
(Catalan colonies)
Duke William I de la Roche (1280-1287)
Type Standard circulation coin
Years 1280-1287
Value 1 Denier (1)
Composition Billon
Weight 0.78 g
Diameter 18 mm
Thickness 0.3 mm
Shape Round
Demonetized Yes
Number N# 199696
Numista (
References MAL# 86
Alex G. Malloy, Irene Fraley Preston, A. J. Seltman, Allen G. Berman; 2004. Coins of the Crusader States 1098-1291 : including the Kingdom of Jerusalem and its vassal states of Syria and Palestine, the Lusignan Kingdom of Cyprus (1192-1489), and the Latin Empire of Constantinople and its vassal states of Greece and the Archipelago : new addendum with Knights of Rhodes (2nd edition). Allen G. Berman Publications, Fairfield, Connecticut, United States.


Cross pattée within circle, legend around.

Lettering: :+G:DVX*ATENES


"Castle tournois" within circle, legend around.

Lettering: :+:THEBE*CIVIS




Sometimes attributed to Gui II de la Roche (1287-1308).

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ND (1280-1287)  54.73

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