What are the duties of a referee?

Last update: 15 May 2023

Referees have several responsibilities on Numista:


  • Verify requests for adding new items or edits to existing pages. The contributors generally expect their requests to be verified within a week. During the first two weeks, a pending submission is only visible to the referee. After two weeks, the request becomes visible to the master referees, who can also verify it.


  • Participate in forum threads that discuss topics related to their issuers, and reply to related forum requests.


  • Continue regular contributions to the catalogue. These contributions may be done by any member to any part of the Numista catalogue. However, due to the unique ability to edit without further verification, referees may want to focus on improving the items in their portfolio.


  • Implement new Numista features (for example, fill in the information for a new field, such as the manufacturing technique, or assign ruling authorities when they become available).


  • Ensure consistency within their portfolio and wider catalogue by observing the Numista guidelines.