How can I apply to become a referee?

Last update: 15 May 2023

If you are interested in becoming a referee, please send a message to one of the catalogue admins: Jarcek, Compendium, or Xavier.


To have a better idea about what you are signing up for, check out who referees are, what they do, and what is expected of them.


Your application will be considered by the catalogue admins based on several criteria. These are not hard requirements, but rather loose expectations from the community:

  • Commitment to the community:
    • Willingness to work as part of a team.
    • Regular availability for improving the Numista catalogue.
    • Good communication skills, good command of English or French, and useful contributions on the Numista forum.
  • Interest and access to specialised knowledge:
    • The history of the issuer and its currency.
    • Languages and scripts of the issuer.
    • Specialised catalogues and other reference works.
  • Prior experience in catalogue contributions is a must:
    • A significant number of contributions to the catalogue, including a good mix of datelines, edits, auctions, and especially new sheets. No pre-requirement is set, but aim to have a contribution count in the same order of magnitude as the total number of items in your portfolio.
    • High quality and complete contributions, demonstrating a good understanding of the catalogue guidelines.
    • A basic understanding of the Numista database structure: issuers, currencies, ruling authorities, mints, etc.


Referees may coordinate more than one issuer. Candidates are encouraged to start with one issuer and improve it significantly before seeking to add more issuers to their portfolios.


Applications are welcome on an ongoing basis for issuers without referees or for issuers which need more referees.