Exchange with Philolive

151 coins

Dollar (1966-date)
Canadian dollar (1858-date)
KM#60.1 (big portrait) 119 small beads
With a fold on the shoulder
V-shaped reeds
Includes the .800 (km#68) and the .500 (km#68a) silver compositions.
148 small Denticles
(fr) "P"
Released for circulation in 2009
Released for circulation in 2010
Type 1: frosting body of bowhead whale (including the small fin tip)
Partial lines on the 0 (Half design)
Smaller reverse
Smaller reverse
"White" lower shield (no lines)
"White" lower shield (no lines)
Proof, in set of four coins
Issued in set of four coins
Concave field, common.
Mintage includes KM#186
Proof-like, non-circulating. Struck at Winnipeg Mint
Issued in special sets only.
Maple Leaf, no RCM Logo
with mint logo, commemorative reverse, date on top
RCM Logo
(fr) Lingot
Dragon Privy Mark
Desjardins privy mark
(fr) Lingot
Bullion coinage
(fr) Série II : motifs olympiques
Franc (1795-1959)
25 Centimes F# 169
F. 169/1
10 Francs F# 360
F. 360/3; two varieties; see comments
F. 360/4
F. 360/6
(fr) F. 535/1
(fr) F. 535/3
(fr) F. 535/6
New franc (1960-2001)
10 Francs KM# 932
(fr) F. 364/4
(fr) F. 364/8
(fr) F. 364/9
Germany › Germany, Federal Republic of
Deutsche Mark (1948-2001)
Peso (1863-1992)
KM#479.1; see comments
Krona (1873-date)
United Kingdom
Pound sterling (1158-1970)
Pound sterling (decimalized, 1971-date)
United States
Dollar (1785-date)
Type 2 - Thin Lettering